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Dr Carol Donadio

Dr Carol graduated in 2005 with a Doctor in Dental Science Degree and in 2009 completed her Post Graduation degree in Prosthodontics. She completed both her graduate and post- graduate in Sao Paulo, her home city in Brazil and is certified to practice in Australia as a General Dentist by the Australian Dental Council

Together with her husband, Carol moved to Melbourne in 2011. She instantly fell in love with Melbourne and has called it home since.

Carol has a holistic approach when treating her patients, caring for their well-being as the first most important consideration when treatment planning. She loves educating patients and offering them a multidisciplinary treatment to help them achieve not only a confident smile, but also improve their general well-being.

Her main areas of interest are full mouth rehabilitation, occlusion (achieving a harmonious bite) and cosmetic dentistry. This combination enables her to provide to her patients the beauty of ceramic crowns, onlays and veneers, while never forgetting the function and importance of the mechanism of the bite, chewing muscles  and jaw joint function and equilibrium.

Most recently, Carol became a member of DSD (Digital Smile Design) and proudly delivers  the  cosmetic results patients have dreamed of, with carefully and precisely planned, multidisciplinary treatments to help patients achieve aesthetic  harmony between their new smile and  overall  facial appearance .

Carol always loved exercising and since moving to Australia, she practises yoga and meditation as part of adopting a very mindful way of living, caring more for herself and those around her. She loves to spend her free time with her husband and 2 young sons outdoors, especially at the beach.