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Modern Preventative Dentistry

Having your teeth cleaned should be a pleasant experience.
In fact, you should be able to look forward to your visit. You shouldn’t have to go through discomfort to get that squeaky clean feeling. Our dental hygienists and oral health therapists focus on preventative care and have been rigorously trained to ensure that your visit is comfortable and pleasant.
A dental clean is not just about what is above the surface…This is the easy part. This is just like washing your hands. I can be done quickly…however, just as clean hands mean cleaning under fingernails to prevent nail-bed infections, cleaning under your gums to remove infective deposits is an essential part of keeping your gums healthy. This is where our oral health therapists and dental hygienists really shine.
Before they start this process, they take accurate measurements of your gum health, to determine your gum health status, which guides what treatment is provided. This means changes in gum health can be picked up while they are reversible, rather than relying on noticing large changes.

These visits are an integral part of ongoing care and will help maintain your teeth and gums in optimum health.They allow us to monitor how you are caring for your teeth at home and give us the opportunity to offer suggestions to improve your care-or often just to tell you that you’re doing everything right!

Advances in dental knowledge and technology allow us to largely prevent decay and gum disease from occurring in both children and adults. However, it requires a lifelong commitment to ongoing dental care, regular visits to professional cleaning, examinations and reinforcement of the preventative strategies we have recommended.
Following any course of treatment, we will arrange a future appointment before you leave our office. The time for this next appointment will depend on your specific dental health needs. You will receive appointment reminders prior to your appointment date.