Why is it important for children to have straight teeth?

Not only do straight teeth give you confidence in your smile, it’s also critical that your teeth and bite are aligned correctly for optimal functionality. This improves oral health and helps airflow and breathing. Worried about your child’s teeth development? Come and see us about early interceptive orthodontics when they’re around seven years of age, as it can reduce the need for more extensive treatment later. If you have concerns about crowded teeth, we’re happy to assess your child’s teeth and discuss non-extraction orthodontics. 

Braces are a well-known orthodontic treatment for straightening teeth, which uses arch wires and brackets. Braces place light pressure on teeth to move them into the desired position.  


Which problems can braces fix?

Q Dental uses braces to treat patients with the following orthodontic concerns: 

  • Misaligned teeth 
  • Crowded teeth 
  • Crossbites 
  • Overbites and underbites 
  • Misaligned jaw positions

Ugly, bulky braces from yesteryear are a distant memory! Today, we have more choices for braces to blend into your teeth. Patients can choose from either metal or ceramic braces, depending on their preference.

More affordable than their ceramic equivalent, metal braces are much smaller and less prominent these days, linked together by very fine wires. Kids can have fun choosing their favourite colours for the bands to decorate their braces.

Ceramic tooth-coloured braces are a terrific alternative to metal braces, as they are made to blend in with your teeth colour. They also deliver fast results and stand out much less than metal braces.

At Q Dental, we believe there are significant benefits in proactively assessing kids’ dental development. Early intervention orthodontics can head off more invasive treatment later on – and we only recommend treatment that is absolutely necessary.

There’s a strong relationship between kids’ healthy breathing and correct development of the jaw. We have extensive experience in managing the impact of airway issues and breathing obstructions to jaw development and tooth crowding. Hence, we’re often the first health professionals to identify breathing issues in young patients. Breathing issues can indicate your child isn’t getting enough oxygen. This is particularly serious when insufficient oxygen flows to the brain, which can affect childhood development and behaviour.

Working with allied health partners, we have strong expertise and involvement in helping resolve these issues, frequently resulting in life-changing improvements.

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