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Seamless Same Day Crowns from Melbourne’s Leading Dental Clinicians

Q Dental takes pride in offering the latest proven dental, technology and techniques. This is to ensure our reputation of providing long-lasting dental restorations is maintained for generations to come.

Same day crowns are now a reality at Q Dental. We have been watching this technology for 30+ years and only now is it at a point where a same day crown is as good, if not even better, than a conventional two-visit ceramic restoration. This is world leading technology. It is superior to conventional techniques in that the software can analyse the suitability of the preparation before the ceramic restoration is fabricated. If the preparation needs adjustment, this can be done immediately and a new scan taken, leading to optimal fit and retention, and therefore the longest-lasting crowns or inlays.

Having a crown made on the same day is far more convenient for busy patients because:

  • It reduces the number of visits required.
  • It reduces the number of times that you need to be numbed.
  • It reduces the likelihood of a problem with a temporary restoration.
  • It reduces the likelihood of sensitivity.

The tooth is prepared in the conventional way, and a highly accurate scan is taken of the preparation. This means no more rubber “goo” impressions in your mouth. It also records the anatomy of the opposing teeth to enable the ceramic crown to fit in with your bite. The restoration is then designed after a detailed analysis of the preparation. The type of ceramic for the restoration is selected and the software then instructs the mill to create the designed restoration. The ceramic is then characterised to ensure it looks natural. This can be done for multiple teeth in one visit.

Q Dental has the latest version of this technology. Previous versions are not as accurate and result in a porcelain restoration sitting on a bed of cement trying to compensate for the inaccuracies. The closer the adaption of the ceramic to the tooth, the better the fit and the greater the longevity can be achieved. 

Yes, a same day crown is likely to last as long, if not longer than a conventional crown. This is because the material is no different, and the accuracy is as great, if not greater than a conventional crown, and therefore a technician is not having to try to compensate for any inaccuracies in technique by the dentist.

General dental health, maintenance, being good oral hygiene, regular dental check-ups, professional maintenance, a good diet, etc., can extend the longevity of a crown. Historically crowns in this practice are usually seen as lasting well over 15, 20 years and beyond.

Despite the significant investment made by Q Dental in same day technology, we are committed to providing our patients with the best service, and therefore there is no difference in fee between a Q Dental’s same-day crown and a conventional crown.

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No-Wait Guarantee

We put a lot effort to ensure we run on time because we care about you, not just your teeth.
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