Mouth guards

Mouth guards

Mouth guards

A mouthguard is a protective device worn over your upper teeth and its role is to absorb the stress and trauma that may occur during sports injury to minimise the damage to teeth and associated structures in the mouth

A mouthguard reduces:

  • Risk of injury to upper front teeth
  • Damage to back teeth from traumatic closing of your mouth
  • Lacerations in the mouth
  • Damage to the jaw joint

Some patients do not tolerate mouthguards well or do not like wearing them due to poor fit of the mouthguard, dry mouth, the feeling of it interfering with breathing or speaking and have not tried a custom made mouthguard, which reduces most of these issues.

A mouthguard you can purchase from a store is a standard shape and you soften it in hot water to mould it to your teeth. However, these mouthguards have a poor fit, are hard to wear, thin and do not provide adequate protection. Often, they concentrate the forces of any trauma to the neck of the tooth, making it more likely to fracture
By contrast, a mouthguard from the dentist is a custom made mouthguard designed to specifically fit your mouth and your dentist designs it after a thorough examination of your mouth to ensure it gives you the maximum amount of coverage possible. They also dissipate the forces of any trauma over a larger area, minimising any injury.

Looking after your mouthguard involves:

  • Cleaning it before and after use with a small toothbrush and water
  • Rinsing it in cold water before and after use
  • When the mouthguard is not being worn, it should be stored in a secure container to prevent loss or damage
  • The mouthguard should be kept away from heat and direct sunlight to prevent it losing its shape
  • The mouthguard should be bought to all your regular check up appointments with your dentist so the dentist can monitor it’s fit and protectiveness

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