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At Q Dental, we are passionate advocates of excellent dental health for life and minimising preventable treatment.

Achieve excellent dental health for life

It’s easier to enjoy lifelong dental health, if you start with healthy teeth and keep them that way. One of the most important things parents can do for their children’s dental health is to begin dental care early.   

Ideally, your child’s first visit to the dentist should be after the first teeth emerge. Even just having a ride in the dental chair is a great way to familiarise kids with dental care. Highly experienced in treating children, Q Dental provides a child-friendly environment where appointments are positive interactions and kids can look forward having fun at the dentist. We regularly hold fun Kids’ Dental Days featuring face painting, balloons and prizes – plus visits from the Tooth Fairy! 

Teaching your children to understand the importance of dental care, enforcing regular oral hygiene habits at home and regular dental check-ups facilitate excellent dental health for life.


Avoid preventable treatment for your kids

Our goal is for all our patients to sport brilliant, healthy smiles for life. For kids, identifying any impediments through early assessment is key. This means we can address any issues before they become major problems, reducing the need for extensive treatment later.  

Did you know that dentists can help guide development of jaw bones? By gently expanding a child’s jaws, we can make sure there’s enough room, avoiding unnecessary extraction of healthy teeth. 

For example, a common issue is snoring in young children. The delightful sounds of snoring kids may signal a restful night ahead for parents, but it may also be a sign of breathing problems and issues with the jaw structure. At Q Dental, we have extensive experience in identifying and working with allied health partners to solve breathing and jaw problems. This paves the way for gentler orthodontic options, if needed.  

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