Ana Martinez

Ana brings a unique skill set to our team thanks to her rich experience and breadth of education. Ana was a practising dentist in Colombia before moving to Australia in the year 2000. In Australia, Ana completed a master’s degree in Health Services Management and a Diploma in Life Coaching and Neurolinguistic Programming. Early 2020, Ana travelled to Miami, where she was certified as a Digital Smile Design (DSD) Coordinator. Since completing her DSD course, Ana has been a key driver in implementing the DSD and comprehensive treatment planning protocols in our practices.

Ana’s role at BEC Dental is to ensure that we become the ‘Ritz-Carlton’ of Dentistry. She works tirelessly to keep improving our patient experience and ensure that the introduction of any new systems is done so uniformly throughout our practices.

Ana is known for building solid and long-lasting relationships with patients due to her caring nature and desire to put the patient’s interests first. Ana’s goal is to make every patient feel relaxed, listen to, and cared for when visiting our practices.

Ana enjoys spending time with her family and friends, going out for walks, and baking with her daughter.